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Vodafone Portugal charged higher fees for customer services

Vodafone Portugal charged higher fees for customer services

When it comes to complaints, operators tend to top the rankings. This happens because they have many clients, but also because sometimes there are situations that do not go well. a The court ruled that Vodafone must compensate customers for the amounts charged for additional services.

Vodafone Portugal: The amount to be paid must be determined by the court...

Vodafone Portugal has imposed additional services on its customers. In February 2022, the decision requiring the telecom operator to return the excess amounts to customers became final, as revealed by the authority. observer. The justification sided with customers after the Citizen's Voice class action lawsuit.

“The first-instance judge understood that each party was harmed,” Octavio Viana, president of Citizen’s Voice, explains to El Observador. “They will have to enforce the ruling legally, that is, file an individual lawsuit.”. The association appealed and, at the same time, referred “several aggrieved parties” to “execution before the courts.” As he explains, “All the decisions so far have been that the penalty should be settled.” This week, the Lisbon Court of Appeal "confirmed" customers' understanding, “In other words, the court must determine what each aggrieved party should actually get.”

The judge will now have to “determine the calculation of what Vodafone will have to pay”, and may choose to “differentiate between the amount to be awarded to each injured party” or “to divide the amount between each injured party”, explains Octavio Viana.