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Volcanic eruption in La Palma: - Disappointing message:

Volcanic eruption in La Palma: – Disappointing message:

On September 19, the Cumbre Vieja volcano began erupting in La Palma.

Since then, daily life on the Spanish Canary Island has been severely affected by the volcanic eruption. Large parts of the island are covered with ash. The glowing lava swept 493 hectares of land and more than 1,000 buildings. Residents were exposed to toxic gases and more than 6000 people were forced to evacuate.

Three weeks after the start of the outbreak, there is still no sign of an end. New earthquakes were recorded Sunday on the holiday island, and as the ground shook, pieces of lava the size of three-story buildings rolled down the side of the volcano, it was reported. Reuters.

creates anxiety: Local authorities said activity from the volcano on the Canary island of La Palma is intense. Two new fissures have arisen at the top of the volcano. Reporter: Jostein Sletten/Dagbladet TV. Photo: NASA/AP/IGME.

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– it doesn’t stop

Spain’s National Security Administration said the collapse of the north side of the volcano caused large lava masses to be released that rolled into evacuated areas around the volcano on Sunday.

In the wake of Sunday’s seismic activity, authorities issued a disappointing message:

“We cannot say that we believe that the outbreak, which started 21 days ago, will stop in the near future,” Julio Perez, the Canary Islands’ regional security minister, said in a statement. dad.

Experts at the Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology (INVOLCAN) said earlier that the volcanic eruption could continue until the end of the year. Forecasts are based on calculations from the duration of previous eruptions in the Canary Islands.

massive destruction: Photos show before and after the devastation after the volcanic eruption in La Palma. Video: AP. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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Crisis Help

At the end of September, the island was declared a disaster area.

The government has approved a €213.7 million crisis package – more than NOK 2.1 billion – to help La Palma with its social and economic reconstruction after the volcanic eruption.

In addition, the authorities provided 10.5 million euros, equivalent to about 106 million Norwegian kroner, in emergency aid to the affected population.

Defense Minister Margarita Robles said Spanish defense officials would arrive on the island on Monday to help clear the ashes.

50 years ago

More than 500 years ago – in the year 1480 – the first records of volcanic eruptions began in the Canary Islands.

Since then, seven volcanic eruptions have been recorded on the island.

The previous volcanic eruption was at Cumbre Vieja 50 years ago. It started in October 1971 and lasted for 22 days before all activities ended.

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