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Volkswagen confirms personal identity for life for 20 thousand euros and an electric Passat with 700 kilometers of autonomy - Observer

Volkswagen confirms personal identity for life for 20 thousand euros and an electric Passat with 700 kilometers of autonomy – Observer

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Volkswagen has confirmed that it will stick to its long-term strategy for electric vehicles. Committed to offering as complete a range as possible, the German company plans to release battery-powered models smaller than ID.3 and larger than ID.4. Something representing the Polo and the Passat, but in an electric version, where the first is in the €20,000 range To be able to compete with combustion models.

At the brand’s annual conference, Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter reassured those who, in the absence of recent news, fear the mini-tram has been largely abandoned or delayed. Perhaps, because they believe that it is not yet possible to produce the necessary batteries for a model of this type, in order to allow it to be marketed by minus 10 thousand euros (about 33%) from current competitors.

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Volkswagen’s original proposal was for a small tram similar to the ID.Life Concept, the prototype that was revealed at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. general feedbackEspecially among the younger ones German pressAnd the not reassured Construction management.

Even if the aesthetics have changed, and perhaps even evolved into a small SUV, the most important thing is that ID.Life Will Really Progress In 2025, finally assumes the final name ID.1 or ID.2. Brandstätter is further advanced that Volkswagen’s future Mini EV will be based on a shorter front-wheel drive version of the MEB platform (at least on the single-engine versions). But the most important announcement from the Volkswagen CEO is about price, with the brand continuing to believe that with the current pace of battery development, It will be possible to sell an ID, life for only 20,000 eurosA step towards the democratization of electric cars.

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Ralph Brandstätter confirmed the existence of Other projects, to be realized soon. He referred to the model codenamed Aero B, which is practically personified as an ID serial model. Passat dimensions on the outside, but with more space inside, also built on the traditional MEB platform. Brand CEO introduces Autonomy 700 km For Aero B, which will be shown to the public at Final version already in Aprilat the Beijing Auto Show.

At the conference, Brandstätter also added that the Aero B will effectively display a very dynamic profile, in order to increase the autonomy between recharges, which is offered with versions with one or two engines, depending on the desired level of power and price. And it must be available in the saloon or van version.

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