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Volkswagen ID2 or the car for everyone arrives in 2026 for less than 25 thousand euros | the cars

the new Concept which will be in the id base. 2 was revealed, on Wednesday night, after discarding a prototype that looks like a Crossing Which Volkswagen took to Munich in 2021 under the name ID.Life. With a range of up to 450 kilometers, the next ID.2 promises to be Spacious as a golf, and as cheap as a polo. On the table, there is still the possibility to display the ID card.

During Volkswagen’s annual press conference, which took place on Tuesday, the brand’s CEO, Thomas Schäfer, confirmed the name Concept: ID.2all, a pun on the phrase “for everyone,” in a kind of going back to basics (after all, Volkswagen means “people’s car”) by creating a model with the goal of hitting the mass market.