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Volkswagen Polo 2021

Volkswagen Polo renewed. More style and technology

Renew this generation from Volkswagen Polo It will go on sale in September, and in addition to technology and infotainment, it also shows a more modern approach, to renew your car nomination for best-in-class car.

The first Volkswagen Polo was born merely as a derivative of the Audi 50, 46 years ago, in response to the dominance of southern European brands (Italian and French) in this market segment that had enormous potential.

But almost half a century later, Polo has already sold more than 18 million units, and has grown significantly in its dimensions (from 3.5 to just over 4.0 meters in length and also in width 19 cm), plus today it has a level of general quality, refinement and technology. Which has nothing to do with its predecessors.

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