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Volleyball Festival in Lod.  The fans put on a show and the players were amazed

Volleyball Festival in Lod. The fans put on a show and the players were amazed

Big surprise at the dź derby! Grota Budowlanych Łódź’s volleyball players unexpectedly defeated LKS Commercecon Łódź (3: 0). MVP Martina Łazowska was elected.

Dominica Pavlik

Lodz Stadium named after Joseph

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Sędzicki / Photo: źdź Sport Arena im. Joseph

A few days before the dź derby, the Budowlanych dź fan club suspended its activities and pointed out players on social media. This was the result of the banner being put up during the Polish Cup match, saying “Shame on us enough”. Construction won the game at that meeting and made it clear that they did not like what the fans did.

The halls were packed with fans in white, red and white, even though the hosts were Pudovlani. For both teams, the stadium was a home away from home, but the Ełkaesians’ advantage was in supporting the fans.

It was Michael Chichi’s accusations that got the crowd off to a great start. Valentina Diof had no major problems ending the attacks. Thanks to this, ŁKS has created a four-point advantage for itself. But so soon he lost her. Paulina Damaske, who stopped Maciej Biernat in the main line, received a kick up, so Zuzanna Górecka started the crowd in Reserve Square.

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Construction workers took the initiative, they were more careful in the web and better protected. The result was a set 22 win. ŁKS started to make up for the failure, but it was too late.

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After turning the pages, it seemed that the ŁKS volleyball players would start delivering the best game. They took a 6: 1 lead, eventually losing eight points in a row. The coach, Michał Cichy, replaced a couple of hosts, but neither Julita Piaseka nor Pietra Djokovic were able to complete the attack.

On the other side of the net, Monica Feduccio and Ana Yillian Cleger Abel played better and better, but the ban seemed to be the biggest advantage. Construction continued on the rising side, with no change. They won the next game until the 18th with more confidence.

Eventually, Weronika Sobiczewska appeared on the pitch, she wanted to change the face of ஆட்டKS ‘game and, above all, improve its performance. That too happened. The young striker brought a lot of revival to his teammates. The fight on the dance floor has become equal. Construction teams, however, did not lose their set, despite stiff pressure from their rivals.

Grot Budowlani Łódź – ŁKS Commercecon Łódź 3: 0 (25:22, 25:18, 26:24)

Construction: Łazowska, Cleger, Centka, Lisiak, Fedusio, Damaske, Łysiak (libero) and Górecka, Kędziora

ŁKS: Rutske, Tuf, Alakirska, Witkowska, Berry-Jones, Krajber, Maze-Erward (Libero) and Kaizer, Sobyshevska, Djokovsky, Piyazekka, Bakok

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