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Volver, in turn, quantum science and quackery

Volver, in turn, quantum science and quackery

Volver, science, pseudoscience, and quantum quackery are the topics of the InterD program

In this week’s edition of InterD, you’ll learn about the Instituto Ponto Azul, a new institution dedicated to scholarly publishing created by psychologist and researcher from Minas Gerais Daniel Gontijo @prof.danielgontijo.

Listen to the interview with Daniel Gontijo on Spotify

Listen to “The Five Signs of Quantum Quackery, Volver’s Return and Blue Dot Institute #40” on Spreaker.

We also spoke to Zeca Viana, drummer for Volvervolverneles, who spoke about the band’s return to the stage from Pernambuco.

Listen to the interview with Zeca Viana

And more: Physicist Marcelo Chapeau has detailed the five signs of quantum magic.

Presentation: AD Luna @adluna1

Editing: Pedro Santos and Bacamarte Studio

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