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Volvo Cars and Trucks Say No to Russia - Observer

Volvo Cars and Trucks Say No to Russia – Observer

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Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks, two Swedish companies, decided to turn their backs on the Russian Federation in response to the invasion of Ukraine. was the choice Suspending the shipment of cars and trucks to the countryas mentioned before Reuters.

So the Volvo is The first Western car manufacturer to take a stand against Russia, the Scandinavian brand sold about 9,000 cars in that country in 2021, manufactured in Sweden, China and the USA. Interestingly, despite the announcement of China’s support for Russia before the conflict, Sweden’s Volvo chose to take an extreme position. This is despite the fact that it is owned by the Chinese company Geely.

The manufacturer’s decision was a way to anticipate the sanctions imposed by the European Union and the USA, which create potential risks associated with trade with Russia. Hence Volvo Cars stated that, Until further notice, no other cars will be shipped to Russia..

For its part, Volvo Trucks (which has a plant in Russia, a market that accounts for about 3% of sales) announced that it would cease its activity in the Russian Federation: “Now that we know more details about the sanctions and problems in the region, we have decided to suspend all operations in the country.”

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This prompted Daimler Truck to respond to the Swedish competitor’s announcement, saying that it would also freeze business in Russia, including cooperation with domestic manufacturer Kamaz, although this includes only non-military vehicles.

Renault, which owns the Russian company Lada, has admitted that it expects disruptions in domestic production of cars as a result of the invasion.

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