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Waaree unveils new dual-sided solar panels with a capacity of 715 watts

Waaree unveils new dual-sided solar panels with a capacity of 715 watts

Waaree Energy, India’s largest solar panel manufacturer, has unveiled its new bifacial solar modules with a capacity of 715 watts of power.

A new generation of 715W dual-sided solar panels

Indian company Waaree has unveiled to the market its new generation of double-sided, double-glazed PV modules based on M12 heterojunction (HJT) solar cells. Solar modules are available in capacities ranging from 685W to 715W, with efficiencies up to 22.88% TIER1.

Waaree launched the Plexus series of double-glazed solar modules this week in Renewable Energy Expo India 2023 (REI) in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is based on n-type heterojunction technology (HJT).

Warri solar modules are available in capacities ranging from 685 watts to 715 watts, with an efficiency of up to 22.88%.

The back of the solar panels is dual-sided, increasing power output by up to 30%, with a bi-side factor of 85±5%, according to the company.

Waaree solar modules are based on HJT type M12n bifacial solar cells and consist of 132 solar cells in each module.

It features 2mm thick low-iron anti-reflective tempered glass, with dimensions of 2400mm x 1302mm x 35mm and a total weight of 39kg.

Waaree stated that it manufactures HJT solar modules with cells from the Japanese company Kaneka and the Russian company Hevel Solar.

In terms of warranties, Warri advertises that it offers a total warranty of 12 years on the product and a 30-year warranty on the power curve.

Who is Warri Energy Company?

Warri Energy is the flagship company of the Warri Group, which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and today is one of the largest vertically integrated new energy companies.

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It has India’s largest solar panel manufacturing capacity of 12 GW at its factories in Chikhali, Surat and Umbergaon in Gujarat, and is a leading player in EPC and project development services, rooftop solar solutions, solar inverters and solar water pumps.

It is also an independent energy producer. Waaree is present in over 388 locations nationally and 20 countries internationally. The company has supplied more than 6 GW of solar modules and ordered more than 1 GW of solar EPC projects.

Video – Demonstration of 715 watt solar modules from Waaree Energy

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