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Wagner’s soldiers were lynched by the local mob when they returned home: stoned to death

Wagner’s soldiers were lynched by the local mob when they returned home: stoned to death

according to Newsweek A series of brutal attacks took place on Wagner’s soldiers.

The murders are interpreted as an expression of division in Russian society, dissatisfaction with the armed insurrection of the Wagner Group, and growing frustration with the war against Ukraine.

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In one case, a returning Wagner soldier who, like many of Wagner’s newly recruited soldiers, is said to have served long sentences before being uniformed and armed, was stoned to death in the open street by an angry mob.

“Prigozhin’s mercenaries have been tarnished.”

It is said that part of the reason for the anger against Yevgeny Prigozhin’s mercenaries was the armed rebellion which culminated in the complete retreat and surrender of heavy weapons to the Russian army. This event is said to have put the minds of some Russian residents on edge.

Newsweek wrote: “The troops, once seen as essential to Russia’s successes on the battlefield, lost their reputation after the short-lived mutiny in June.”

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Violent and deadly attacks on Wagner’s soldiers targeted those who voluntarily returned home after the group’s alleged disbandment, or were brought back after being wounded in combat.

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He was assaulted by local youths – they were found dead by the river

On August 5, two former Wagner soldiers were allegedly assaulted by a group of young men in Russia’s Zabaikale region in Western Siberia, on August 5. The soldiers were attacked after an argument in a cafe with local youths who called the soldiers “murderers”. The soldiers were later found mutilated and killed on the river bank.

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In the Krasnodar region near the village of Deydarkoy, several soldiers were said to have been beaten to death, according to local media and state TV channel Tsargrad.

In the city of Chelyabinsk, a Wagner soldier was said to have been pushed around. He then hit his head on a staircase, and later died at a local hospital, according to news agency URA.

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Relatives are disappointed – compensation is denied

Among the families of Wagner soldiers, there is growing frustration that the government has not kept promises regarding benefits and pension payments. There is also growing outrage after more than a billion kroner cash was found during a raid on the Wagner leader’s private property.

Many of the spouses and widows of former Wagner soldiers have complained that their salaries have been delayed or withheld, including so-called “coffin payments” given to relatives of those killed in Ukraine.

It is already known that Wagner’s soldiers harassed and killed Russian civilians after the amnesty. Several soldiers have previously been convicted of serious crimes.

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