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Wall Street ends the year in the red as cryptocurrencies lose

Wall Street ends the year in the red as cryptocurrencies lose

The main indicators reflected the loss of investor confidence, especially with regard to listed companies linked to digital assets.

The New York Stock Exchange ended the year with losses for the major indexes in Friday's session, although there were slight differences. In the last session of 2023, the day was particularly negative when it came to crypto assets.

The biggest decline was the Nasdaq technology index, which fell by 0.56%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.05%. This was followed by the S&P 500 corporate index, which fell by 0.22%, after reaching its highest level in about two years, having not reached this high level since the last days of December 2021.

Today was one of the weak results in the markets related to digital assets. Proof of this is that Marathon Digital, which focuses its operations on the blockchain ecosystem, fell sharply, in the range of 16.44%, to $23.49.

Coinbase, which operates in the same sector, also felt negative investor sentiment, so much so that its securities fell 6.68% and traded for $173.92 at the close of the session. It should be noted that the listed company reached, on Thursday, its highest levels since March of last year, after a recovery that followed a gray period in cryptocurrencies that lasted for several months.

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