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Wall Street is in the red.  Stoxx 600 in six weeks low, oil down more than 4% - markets in a minute

Wall Street is in the red. Oil dip. Europe falls for the fifth day – markets in a minute

Europe looks red on economic forecast day. negative asia

The main European markets indicate the start of trading in the negative territory, for the fourth consecutive day, at a time when concerns continue about maintaining a restrictive monetary policy, while Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine, specifically in Kyiv.

Euro Stoxx 50 futures down 0.4%

This Tuesday, investors will analyze the global economic outlook and financial stability report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In Asia, trading was similarly losing ground, with the semiconductor sector impacting, particularly on exchanges in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

In China, the negotiations lost the momentum they were gaining, after the second state media backed Chinese policy, at a time when investors expected that there would be an easing of these measures at the party congress.

“Low trading volume, a lot of volatility and uncertainty, and ‘bearish’ global sentiment mean investors will overreact to any negative news,” Asia-Pacific analyst Olivier Dassier told Bloomberg.

In Japan, Topix is ​​down 1.6% and the Nikkei is down 2.4%. In South Korea, the Kospi fell 2.1%. In China, tech Hang Seng lost 1.3% while Shanghai gained 0.053%.

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