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Wall Street is ready for a Christmas revival

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 0.55% to 35.50.56 points. On the eighth of November, he remembered that he played in 36565.73 points for the first time in his history.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 advanced 0.62% to close at 4,725.79 points. On November 22, it created the highest value ever, at 4,743.83 points.

For its part, the Nasdaq Technology Index rose 0.85% to settle at 15,653.37 points. Remember that in intraday trading on November 22nd, it reached a new all-time high of 16,212.23 pips.

In this last session before Christmas, when Wall Street closes tomorrow, investors are paying close attention to the latest data on the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, and also trying to find signs of the potential impact on the economy and on corporate earnings as the market enters a historically strong period. For stock exchanges – high holiday period.

It has been proven that microns are not as susceptible as delta to cause hospitalization, according to preliminary data from recent studies.

In addition, birth control pills from Pfizer and Merck have been given the green light for emergency use in the United States, providing a more convenient treatment option for patients at risk.

Historically, US stocks have risen in the last five trading days of December and the first two sessions of January in 56 of the 75 years analyzed since 1945, according to data from CFRA Research, citing Reuters.

This year, that period begins on December 27. Since 1969, this holiday season escalation has led to an average rise of 1.3% for the S&P 500.

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