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The rise of Wall Street and the S&P 500 goes to records with a resumption on the horizon - Stock Exchange

Wall Street Records. Dow closes above 35,000 points for the first time – Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 0.68% to settle at 35,061.55 points, in what was a record closing. The indicator has already reached this level, but only in intraday values. Today, it also reached the highest level ever during the session at 35,095.33 points.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 advanced 1.01% to 4,411.79 points, which was also an all-time high in closing value. During the day, it made a new historical high at 4,415.18 points.

For its part, the Nasdaq Technology Composite Index rose 1.04% to 14,836.99 points – also a record high to close the session. In intraday trading, it reached its highest level ever at 14,846.06 points.

And so Wall Street ended up at record highs, a week that started in a turbulent way, when the Dow Jones fell 900 points and was the worst session since October. This is all due to concerns surrounding a delta shift, which could lead to a slowdown in global economic growth.

However, economic data from the US and the conviction that economies will eventually open, even with the resurgence of the coronavirus, ended up encouraging investors and adding to the positive tone.

In addition, higher-than-expected quarterly results were reported by the listed peso, which also contributed to the increased sense of optimism.

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