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Wanda Stewart is the victim of an attempted scam

Wanda Stewart is the victim of an attempted scam

On this day, Tuesday, March 12th Wanda Stewart Facebook was used to alert friends to a scam. The singer was the victim of a fraud attempt known as “Hi mom. Hello dad.”And I decided to go around the fraudster.

“Today, Eva and I were the victims of an attempted scam. Just look at the 'conversation' I had with the scammer, while my daughter was right next to me.”She began writing to the artist in a post showing some of the letters she had received.

However, Wanda Stewart did not fail to warn her followers. “It would be comical, if not tragic, for the many people who still fall for these fallacies. Please note that this number is not for Eva.”confirmed.

“I need to make an important payment today. But I don't have access to the app on this cell phone. Can you do it for me? Tomorrow I will refund you.”It can be read in one of the letters received by the singer.

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Wanda Stewart enters the trickster's “game.”

However, when the artist learned that she was not really her daughter, she decided to join the imposter's “game.” “I will send you a thousand euros, and you will not need anything else.”“, wrote the famous singer.

But the truth is that the scam did not last long. The mother and daughter decided to send the scammer a side-by-side video. Thus, they showed that Eva could not have sent such a message to her mother.

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