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Quer comprar um Nissan Leaf? Marca e Galp estão a “oferecer” 10 mil euros

Want to buy a Nissan Leaf? Offer € 10,000 and other discounts

Nissan LEAF is one of the best-selling electric cars in Portugal. The company is providing incentives for acquisitions and this year there has been a huge incentive. Nissan and Galp are back together in a very attractive campaign.

In addition to the discounts of up to 10,000 euros, customers can get discounts on energy at home and on public payphones in the Mobi.e network, with the GalpElectric card.

There are currently 5,500 Nissan LEAF cars in circulation in Portugal

Galp and Nissan announce a new partnership to make electric mobility even easier. The new campaign offers customers a reduction of up to 10 thousand euros in the purchase of a 100% electric Nissan LEAF, including already three thousand euros in state incentives.

In addition to this superior support, the brands have developed a partnership to help you travel across the country in a more comfortable way, without mileage limits and exclusive benefits for Nissan customers. From now on, you can take advantage of the following:

  • 20 new fast charging stations Installed throughout the national territory
  • Special discounts for being a Nissan customer In all shipments carried out at more than 1700 shipping points for the public network in Portugal.

Additionally, there are also special rates for fuel, LPG bottles, LPG equipment, a wallbox, and even with Uber Eats.

Want to buy a Nissan Leaf?  Marka and Gatcher

Antonio Melica, Managing Director of Nissan Portugal, said that ...

Nissan is committed to continuing to play a central role in electric mobility in Portugal, changing the way we move and the way we live. We will continue to offer competitive, comprehensive and diverse mobility products, services and solutions to our customers, with the goal of helping to build a true electrical system in our market

The campaign now announced is another benefit for those who choose Nissan electric mobility, which already features significant savings in repair costs that account for about a quarter of those associated with conventional cars, in exemption from trading tax and also for professionals and companies, in tax benefits such as a tax deduction. Value added acquisition, maintenance and independent tax exemption.

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With all these advantages, Nissan LEAF users save up to 7,000 euros in 5 years, compared to an equivalent internal combustion vehicle.

There are currently 5,500 units of Nissan Leaf in circulation in Portugal. However, Leaf lost the lead in the electric market to the Tesla Model 3 in 2020.