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Wanted: Harry stolen in a strange raid

Wanted: Harry stolen in a strange raid

Police in Canada recently received a very unusual case in the area. On Jan. 22, there was a report of a robbery at the Lionsheart Wholeness Center Resort in Lily Lake, north of Edmonton.

It turned out that a strange raid had been carried out in the dead of the night. Because it was not money stolen, but a huge bass measuring 3.6 meters long.

Carefully planned

In the middle of the night, as the mercury on the thermometer dropped to minus 30 degrees, someone broke into the house and simply stole a stuffed polar bear.

Resort manager Wanda Rowe told local media that the thieves cut the cables that were connected to the fully erect giant located on the second floor balcony.

Digger: At 3.6 meters tall and weighing over 200 kilograms, Harry was not someone you could take under your arm and carry away. Photo: Police
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The polar bear, which weighs about 225 kilograms and is called “Harry,” left marks on the parquet as it was dragged across the floor. The robbers then took the giant down the stairs and out through the double front doors to a waiting car.

says Rowe St. Albert Gazette That there was very little traffic that night, and that the people who stayed the night were in other parts of the property.

– It must have been 100 percent planned, she says in a comment he posted BBC.

A horror discovery in the warehouse

A horror discovery in the warehouse

Stolen raccoon

This isn't the first stuffed animal to disappear from Lionsheart Wholeness Center

According to police, the resort was involved in a “similar incident” in August last year, when two stuffed raccoons were stolen from the property in connection with a burglary.

Stolen: The year before the polar bear was kidnapped

Stolen: In the year before Harry the Polar Bear was kidnapped, two stuffed raccoons went missing. Photo: Police
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The value of the three animals was estimated at approximately 35,000 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to just over 274,000 Norwegian kroner.

The tourist got a diamond shock

The tourist got a diamond shock

I shot down the guard

said an employee at the resort site St. Albert Gazette They had 24-hour security patrols, but that was canceled that particular evening due to the extreme cold.

– It's ironic, of course: stolen on the coldest day of the year, and then a polar bear in central Alberta, Wanda Rowe comments to the local TV channel. CTV News.

Risky: A group of snowmobilers in Yakutia, Russia had a lucky encounter with a polar bear. Reporter: Emma Dallin. Video: Cameroni.
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Police Constable Kelsey Davidge asked local residents to be vigilant in case thieves try to sell the polar bear online. Because as she herself says:

– No matter where you see it, it will immediately stand out, right?

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