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War: – First Evidence of “Kamikaze Drones”.

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Recent photos on social media show a wrecked “kamikaze drone” allegedly used in the war against Ukraine.

has now Washington Post Check the pictures.

The plane, about a meter long and beige in color, crashed to the ground, and what appeared to be batteries fell.

Its shape is similar to that of a fighter plane, but although the body itself is very small, the weapon can do serious damage.

The weapon is a Kalashnikov KUB-BLA, a Russian drone that is supposed to explode when it hits a target. These types of drones are effective, among other things, against aircraft.

The drone operates in the same way as the US “Switchblade” drones, which US President Joe Biden has said he will send to Ukrainian forces.

Drones: The United States is sending several weapons to Ukraine, including “Kamikaze” aircraft. Video: Dagbladet TV / AeroVironment
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Killer drone

It is said that the drone was found near the capital Kyiv, and it should not explode on impact with the ground.

However, the photo provides clear evidence that Russia is now using this weapon in the war.

“A lethal drone, it can dive, bomb and destroy targets, unnoticed,” the Washington Post wrote about the weapon.

Drones, known as “kamikaze drones”, have long been feared to be used in warfare, and scientists in the field say such weapons are at the base when it comes to modern warfare.

The researchers believe the method will make the conflict more deadly and less predictable.

Signs of a clear shift

Drones: American drones operate

Drones: The American “Switchblade” UAV operates in the same way as the Russian UAV that is now being photographed. Photo: AeroVironment
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Dagbladet has already written about it It is said that the United States sent such drones to Ukrainewhich must be equipped with a warhead so that it can detonate when it hits the target.

The manufacturer behind these is the American Aerovironment Corporation.

The “Switchblade 300” version should be able to hit targets at a distance of just under a mile, while the larger “Switchblade 600” variant has a range of more than 30 miles.

This shipment represented a shift in the transportation of American weapons, but it is unclear whether the drone in the photo was produced by this company.

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