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War in Ukraine: - Ask for Volumes

War in Ukraine: – Ask for Volumes

– Guys, don’t laugh. Ask wives, girls and mothers for sanitary pads, a female doctor in the Russian armed forces is said to tell newly recruited soldiers.

– The cheapest type in addition to the cheapest tampons. Do you know what tampons are used for?, says the woman in the video published by the Belarusian Independent News Agency and TV Channel. next one.

– If you get a gunshot wound, put it directly into the hole, says the woman, pointing with her arms.

– There it begins to expand. She’s known this since Chechnya, says the woman, referring to the wars between Russia and Chechnya in the 1990s and 2000s.

In the video, the officer lists the equipment that the soldiers must obtain themselves. Including sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

– Can’t we distribute it? asks the man in the video.

– It’s all ours, boys, the woman answers.

– You’ll get a uniform and protective gear – nothing else, she adds.

The woman then asks the men to get equipment from the first aid kit themselves. Among other things, she asked them to get bandages by opening first aid boxes from cars.

– Boys, take care of yourselves, concludes the woman.

Dagbladet could not independently verify the content of the video, but the Russian language is spoken in the video, which must be translated correctly.

A number of international media reported the video. Among other things Washington Post And the telegraph.

Better than bleeding to death

Dagbladet showed a video of retired General Arne Bord Dalhaug.

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Nothing is said to be improbable, quite simply. Those of us who do have noted time and time again that the Russians do not have the equipment to equip such a large force that they will now, Dahlhog tells Dagbladet.

It is believed that the content of the video corresponds to reports from captured Russian soldiers – since the beginning of the war.

Can tampons be used against gunshot wounds?

– which – which he is This is the solution. Anything to stop the bleeding can be used. You most likely won’t even be able to get it in at that time, but if the wound is contaminated it’s better than bleeding to death there and then. It doesn’t have to be sterile.

Retired Attorney General: Arne Bord Dalhaug.  Photo: private

Retired Attorney General: Arne Bord Dalhaug. Photo: private
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He notes that the equipment problem has been relevant to the Russians since the war began in February.

– This has been common since the arrest of Russian soldiers in Ukraine began. They didn’t even have combat rations that were beyond their history.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, on Wednesday, the so-called “partial mobilization” of the Russian reserve forces. These days, up to 300,000 men between the ages of 18 and 50 are called up to take part in the country’s war against Ukraine.

after packing order Border crossings into a number of Russia’s neighbors – including Norway – have seen an increase in the number of men crossing the border.

– unimaginable

The retired general believes that mobilizing Putin’s reserve forces can be difficult.

– That’s what I and many others have said all along. You can call 300,000 people, but you have to do something with them. They must be equipped, trained and led. We’re just starting to see the beginning of that problem, that they don’t have the equipment.

– He added that it would be unreasonable not to equip soldiers in NATO and the West.

Does the Russian army have a different view of the individual soldier?

Yes, you can safely say that. It doesn’t just apply to soldiers. It is a culture in which the individual does not matter much.

Mikolajev: The Ukrainians benefited from the Russians regrouping and moving forces south to counterattack at Kharkiv. This video shows an attack in southern Ukraine in Mykolaiv. Video: Telegram / Twitter. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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It will take years

On Saturday, it became known that the Russian Deputy Defense Minister General Dmitry Bulgakov – responsible for the logistics of the Russian army – has terminated his post.

Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev, better known as the “Butcher of Mariupol”, took the post of Bulgakov.

Mizintsev led the Russian offensive against the important Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which was bombed beyond recognition this summer.

Promoter: General Mikhail Mizintsev

Promotion: General Mikhail Mezintsev “The Butcher of Mariupol”, now responsible for the logistics of the Russian army. Photo: AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko
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Dallhog doesn’t think the move will have any real impact on the ground.

– Obviously this has something to do with logistics, but I don’t think it matters who the deputy chief of defense is, he says and details:

Rotation in the Kremlin does not mean much. It has a limited ability to influence the situation at the front. The supplies you don’t have now take years to get.