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War in Ukraine - Could You Kidnap Western Defense Minister

War in Ukraine – Could You Kidnap Western Defense Minister

A well-known Russian politician suggested that Russia kidnap a Western defense minister and bring him to Russia for questioning, according to several media outlets, including Reuters And the Sky News.

Oleg Morozov, a deputy of the State Duma of Russia, in an interview on the talk show “60 Minutes”, which is broadcast twice a day on state television in Russia, revealed what he called his “magnificent plan”.

– You know, maybe it’s a wonderful plan that you came up with … which means that in the near future, at some point, the “Minister of War” from one of the NATO countries will take the train to Kyiv to talk with Zelensky. But he never showed up. He says that he wakes up somewhere in Moscow.

Morozov was a long-time member of the Duma of the largest party, United Russia, and previously worked directly under President Vladimir Putin.

The presenter of the program “60 Minutes”, Olga Skapigeeva, a staunch supporter of President Vladimir Putin, wanted to make sure that she correctly interpreted Morozov:

– You mean to kidnap him? She asked.

Morozov answered in the affirmative:

– yes. Then we will find out who gave the order and what, and who is responsible for what, said Morozov, adding:

– This is not a crazy scenario. There are new rules in this world now. Just let all the “war ministers” who flock to Kyiv think a little about what it would be like to wake up in Moscow, he said.