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War in Ukraine: These Russian oligarchy are beginning to abandon Putin

War in Ukraine: These Russian oligarchy are beginning to abandon Putin

Some are Vladimir Putin’s most valuable allies, and most of them do not want to offend him for fear of revenge. But during the war, some Russian oligarchs did not need to taste the actions of the Kremlin leader, let it be known. First, economically. Russia’s rich have lost more than 110 billion euros since the start of the war in Ukraine. ForbesDue to the instability of the markets and the first Western sanctions against their assets.

Oleg Deripaska on Monday demanded an end to “state capitalism” in Russia. “This is a real crisis, we need real crisis managers (…) absolutely necessary to change economic policy,” the founder of the billionaire and aluminum company Russell wrote in the Telegram. Oleg Deribaska, one of Russia’s 50 richest men, went on to say that “the wait is impossible”, unlike the first sanctions imposed in 2014 following Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. He said he expects from the government “clarifications and clear views on economic policy for the next three months.”

More broadly, some voices are being raised publicly to condemn an ​​inhumane war.

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“War is never the answer”

This is the case of Oleg Tinkov, the founder of Tinkoff Bank, who criticized the invasion of Ukraine in a news release on Monday. “Today, in Ukraine, innocent people are dying every day, which is unimaginable and unacceptable!”

One of Russia’s richest men, Roman Abramovich, an oligarch, “contacted Ukraine to help find a solution and has been trying to help ever since,” his doorman told the AFP.

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On Sunday, Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman condemned the war in Ukraine in a letter to employees of his LetterOne fund. “I firmly believe that war can never be the solution. This crisis will cost lives and destroy two fraternal nations for hundreds of years,” he wrote, adding that he wanted this “expulsion” to end with bloodshed.

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In the midst of misinformation – the attack is being presented as a special measure to defend Donbass – and amidst misinformation – it is difficult to say that Russia as a whole is against the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the voices of these powerful oligarchy, and the petition signed by more than a million Russians against the war, report The crossEnsure that Vladimir Putin’s military operations are (very) far from unanimous among his fellow citizens.



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