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War in Ukraine - warns:

War in Ukraine – warns:

The Russian president will not use nuclear weapons until he sees an existential threat to Russia or the regime. Haines said during a Senate hearing on Tuesday that hints of losing the Ukraine war might be such a threat.

British writes Watchman.

Haines also notes that Vladimir Putin could declare war, mobilize soldiers en masse, and impose martial law.

– She said the situation would have escalated long before the issue of nuclear weapons came into the picture, and the world would likely receive a warning before it finally used it.

According to Haines, such a warning could be a large-scale nuclear exercise.

Low probability

Lieutenant General Arne Burd Dalhaug believes Haines is more than anxious in his remarks.

– After hearing Putin’s speech on May 9, I think the likelihood of him using chemical or nuclear weapons has diminished. The speech was more sane than we’ve heard from the Russian president before, he tells Dagbladet.

The way I analyze Putin’s speech, he seems to be someone who very much understands the gravity of the situation. He adds that the idea that he is crazy is not supported by speech.

Dallhog also raises questions about how the Russians use nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapon has to land somewhere. If he had conducted a large-scale exercise, as Haines recalls, he could only have landed it in a deserted place on Russian soil. Probably an experimental explosion on Novaya Zemlya.

Several obstacles

He added that Putin had to land nuclear weapons on Russian soil so as not to attack another country. If it is to be used in war, there are also many entanglements that the chief may have to solve first.

Shoots: This video posted on social media shows the moment a Russian tank was bombed in Mariupol from above.
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– Eastern Ukraine is close to the borders of Russia, and there they have their own troops. Western Ukraine is close to NATO borders, he adds, and a simple mistake could land it in NATO countries, adding:

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Russian forces are not trained to do this. Since 1991, little attention has been paid to nuclear weapons.

The only scenario in which Dalhaug thinks nuclear weapons are likely to be used is if the Ukrainians enter Russian territory.

– But he wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. We are talking about the so-called krypton keys – many must do this at the same time. Based on what I can do, after so many years in NATO, there are many obstacles in the way of a nuclear attack.

New countries will have nuclear weapons

Dalhaug highlights nuclear weapons agreements as the interesting thing to come. These include CBM, which means that it was possible to use nuclear energy for different types of energy.

– Now the arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation agreements have fallen in value. The war damaged the control we had, as we did because Russia was seen as a serious player. He says Putin ruined it.

According to Dahlhog, the result will likely be that other countries in the West and NATO are looking to modernize their weapons, and whether nuclear weapons are something that nations need.

The Panel indicated that it is realistic for new countries to acquire nuclear weapons.