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War - Using TV series clips in propaganda war

War – Using TV series clips in propaganda war

Several media outlets are now revealing how Russia deliberately presents false news on TV broadcasts, claiming that the information is Ukrainian propaganda.

It was reported that the Russian TV channel “Rossiya 24” showed a video clip of two soldiers wrapping a model.

“This is how military operations in Ukraine are being prepared for the theater – in the truest sense of the word,” reported the Russian TV broadcast, about which the video turned out to be something completely different.

It should look like a corpse

And the channel described it in the comments as Ukrainian propaganda, as they claimed that the exhibition berth should look like a corpse, thus illustrating the attacks by Russian forces, which were launched by the Ukrainian army.

“However, this is not surprising. Dozens of counterfeiters with similar dolls appear regularly on the Ukrainian Telegram channels “, according to the host, according to Meduzza News Agency.

Both independent Medusa banned in Russia and Ukraine insider He writes that the video comes from a recording of a Russian TV series.

stapling: NATO is ready to deploy a full force to defend the borders in the east, says NATO President Jens Stoltenberg. FNI Director Iver Neumann believes that the current situation is more dangerous than the Cold War. Video: Dagbladet TV.
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The manager denies

One of the directors responsible for the recording, Nadezhda Kolobaeva, commented on the Russian TV broadcast and denied the allegations.

In a post alone Facebook account I wrote that this passage was from a recording in the Leningrad region. In the same post, I also attached the Russian video.

– On March 20, we filmed “Fall out of a window” for our series in Vsevologsk, this is our coordinator with an assistant preparing Albertek for admission.

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The director also commented on the incident to The Insider.

– He was using «stuntmannekeng»

– But if you use a normal mannequin, the viewer will see that the arms and legs do not bend. Therefore, a special “stunt mannequin” was used on the set, which has knuckles at the ends.

The Insider obtained photos and videos from the recording confirming Nadezhda’s words.

In addition, Kolobaeva Post more videosWhich clearly shows how the doll was used in the recording, as well as several photos showing it to be the same doll in the Russian clip.