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WarioWare: Get It Together!  Receive demo on eShop de Nintendo Switch

WarioWare: Get It Together! Receive demo on eShop de Nintendo Switch

Nintendo, at the end of Thursday (19), released a trailer for its next major Nintendo Switch release: WarioWare: Get It Together!. a experimental It can be downloaded now from Brazilian eshop.

In this preview, players can try out some of the 200+ mini-games and complete them using different character abilities such as Wario, Mona, Young Cricket, and 18-Volt. The experimental Features multiplayer mode on a single or two-key system.

In Japan, a new public trailer for the game has also been released. Check out the official video and description of the game at the eShop:

Mini-game mayhem comes to the Nintendo Switch™ console

Alone or with a friend, take on more than 200 fast and whimsical minigames, super fast minigames full of frantic fun! When his latest crazy deal goes awry, Wario must use his unique technique (and smell) to solve the problem. Such as? Play an insane array of mini games, of course! From riding a robot to pulling hair from the armpit of a statue, WarioWare™: Get It Together! It is a mixture of comic and cooperative mini-games.

Find a friendly frenzy with a mountain of mini games

Help infamous game creator Wario after he was drawn to his latest creation in Story Mode. Play alone or with a friend in a two-player co-op game, the first in the series! You can play on the same console* or over a wireless LAN**.

Play as Wario and his colorful team

For the first time, you can control Wario and his friends inside their own chaotic games. Use your silly skills to face many mini games. Flip a turtle with the help of Wario or choose Ashley to cast a spell. In WarioWare: Get It Together!, mix and match characters and mini-games for maximum fun!

Wario is trying his luck in video games again, but he’s trying really hard this time – literally! Help Wario and his friends break out of the mini-game world by playing over 200 crazy mini-games.

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WarioWare: Get It Together will hit Switch on September 10.