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Warner Bros.  Games reveal more details about Gotham Knights city

Warner Bros. Games reveal more details about Gotham Knights city

Gotham City in the game will be the largest among the games in the Batman world

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has revealed a lot of content from Gotham Knights The next game is in October. on me New video Posted by IGN, More Gotham City has been revealed, from its history to the different neighborhoods run by their groupsin addition to the city itself that It will be the biggest ever Among the games in the world of Batman.

The beginning of the video tells about the origins of Gotham City, with the beginnings of the founding families: Wayne, Elliot, Kane, Arkham and Cobblepot, and the importance that each would have in the world of Gotham Knights. The game is inspired by the Court of Owls arc and will not contain Batman, since his death.

The developers showcase a lot of the vast city of Gotham and its neighborhoods run by bat villains. Robin He travels across several different stretches, primarily across surfaces using his harpoon to reach farther places, as Batman has always done in the Arkham franchise, in addition to his ability to teleport.

Gotham City Knights have more than meets the eye

One of Gotham City’s biggest novelties, in addition to being bigger, is the city’s vertical growth. The city depicted in Gotham Knights will not only have new, taller buildings but also have a large underground portion to explore. The video also shows us some snippets of the interiors, something not very present in the Arkham franchise.

Warner Bros. Reveals 28 outfits for the four Gotham Knights heroes

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While the idea of ​​a big city that offers a lot of exploration is a great one, you can see that the Gotham City shown in the video is completely empty, with no vehicles, any NPCs, or enemies roaming the city. This may have been on purpose to improve the city’s presentation, perhaps because it’s a build that’s not the end game, as it only has over two months left until its release.

“Batman is dead. A massive new criminal underworld has taken over the streets of Gotham City. Now it’s up to the Batman family – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin – to protect Gotham, bring hope to its citizens, discipline its police and fear its criminals. Than solve the puzzles that connect the darkest chapters Join the city to defeat notorious villains in epic confrontations.”

Gotham Knights releases on October 25 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.


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