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Warning! If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, update now!

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, update now. If you don’t, you risk installing an app on your smartphone and not even noticing it. From there, I think you can pretty well imagine what could happen. This alert arrives because defects have been detected in the Galaxy Store app. However, vulnerabilities were found by researchers from NCC Groupa well-known company in the field of cyber security, between November 23 and December 3, 2022. However, it is classified under the code name CVE-2023-21433.

Warning! If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, update now!

The CVE number helps investigators track vulnerabilities or vulnerabilities. However, when this issue is fixed, mention of this code will appear in the list of changes. In addition to the issue I mentioned above, there is a second flaw attributed to CVE-2023-21434, and it allows attackers to run JavaScript on a Galaxy smartphone. That is to say, this code implementation is also not very good.

According to the research report, a hacker can easily allow bad actors to access personal data, which can also lead to application crashes. Due to these Galaxy Store app security holes, a hacker can install any app on a user’s Samsung phone without their knowledge, and it poses a huge security risk.

The good news is that samsung Already released an updated version that fixes both security vulnerabilities. No quick response from the Korean giant.

However, there is a catch. It’s not just that not all devices can get the latest version from the Galaxy Store. Anyway, if you have a Galaxy device running Android 13, CVE-2023-21433 will not be able to exploit your device. This is thanks to the security features of the operating system.

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Anyway, what really matters is that Samsung released a new version from the Galaxy Store and announced that the vulnerabilities have been patched. So, if you haven’t updated the app yet, we suggest that you do so right away.