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Warns of the new wave: - Serious

Warns of the new wave: – Serious

“We are again the epicenter of the epidemic,” he said. The head of the World Health Organization in Europe, Hans Kluge At a press conference in early November.

Two weeks later, the FHI’s infection map for Europe is getting darker and darker.

Last week, the European Union’s infection control authority announced the deterioration of the Corona situation in 44 regions in Europe.

Out of every 100 cases of corona recorded in the world daily, 68 of them are in Europe, according to Reuters covid-19 tracker. Worldwide, three out of the five countries with the most recorded cases are European countries.

The same overview shows that a total of 13 countries in Europe now have an infection trend close to the “peak point”, that is, on average, new cases reported per day reach the highest level a country has experienced during the pandemic.

Europe is coming

The United Kingdom is one of the countries on the dark red FHI infection map, and according to a Reuters overview, the United Kingdom remains the country in Europe with the third highest number of coronary cases per day. However, infection rates and admission rates have been declining since mid-October, while those in the rest of Europe are on the rise.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now issuing a warning about what European countries can expect. He and many experts believe that Europe is behind Great Britain, where a fourth wave of infections has announced its arrival.

– I see storm clouds gathering over parts of the European continent, and I must be quite honest with the people, we have been here before, and remember what happened when the tide began to flow, as the Prime Minister said, according to Sky News.

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At the same time, Johnson is encouraging everyone who is offered a third dose of the vaccine to use it.

Sees waning effect of vaccine

Professor Mark Woolhouse of the University of Edinburgh told the Observer that the UK is ahead of the rest of Europe, and infections seen in the UK are now tracking in the rest of Europe, according to Watchman. Woolhouse points out that the delta variant we now see in Europe is the kind that swept the UK earlier this fall.

It is significantly more dangerous than previous variants, and has hit many European countries much later than the UK. He’s settled in these countries for some time, and protection against the vaccine – usually among the most vulnerable and those vaccinated – is starting to decline significantly. It’s not an ideal situation at all, Woolhouse said.

Michael, President of the University of Southampton, points out that the UK started vaccination earlier than in most other European countries. Thus, the vaccine protection also decreased the earlier and the incidence increased. He thinks that’s what we see now in Europe.

“The UK launched the vaccine program earlier than most countries, and so it has suffered the effects of reduced immunity in the past,” Head told the Guardian.

Unstable for the North

The Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe that has experienced a strong outbreak of infection. Before the weekend, they introduced a new closing. This weekend, restaurants and shops, other than grocery stores, shut the doors from 7 pm

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Norway also introduced national measures for corona ahead of the weekend. Now, among other things, several municipalities will consider the use of Corona passports in the community. The government has also changed entry requirements for quarantine from several regions in Europe. Then it was, among others, the Balearic Islands and areas in Denmark, Finland and Sweden that received the quarantine requirements for entry, if you do not have a valid Corona certificate.

Anders Tegnell, a Swedish government epidemiologist, told Dagens Nyheter on Monday that it is Concerned about infection in the Nordic countries.

During the past 24 hours, 1156 new cases of corona were recorded, and there are 35 new inpatients Since Friday.

Increases: Head of the FHI Division, Line Vold, answers questions about the increase in corona infection. Reporter: Frod Andersen. Video: Anton Lear.
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Low immunization coverage

The common denominator of many countries now experiencing significant stress on the health care system is that vaccination coverage is low.

Countries like Romania and Bulgaria have the worst vaccine coverage in Europe. to me Watchman Only 34.5 percent of the population in Romania is fully immunized, and the figures are only 23 percent of the population of Bulgaria.

Romania has never recorded this before Many corona deaths As they do now. The daily death toll is equivalent to one village per day.

In October, Russian authorities locked down the country for a week in an effort to get rid of the infection. Last week, the country broke a new grim record with 1,241 deaths in a single day, and 39,256 new infections.

The result of the globalized world

Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Tromsø, Elif Lund, points out that the entire corona pandemic has been characterized by imported infections.

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– It is the result of a globalized world where we travel a lot. This is something we must accept when we want a globalized world, says Lund.

Professor Tromso uses as an example.

– We don’t have an overview of the amount of infection in Tromsø based on imported infections, but we saw that tourism was on the rise when infections increased.

Lund links the increase in infection to the season, and views the coronavirus as a seasonal virus.

Researchers don’t understand what it is, but they are now seeing another fall in which the incidence increases during the fall and decreases during the winter. It’s clearly a seasonal virus that we’re dealing with, and it may upset us more than that, he tells Dagbladet.

He points out that one sees again that the infection increases throughout the fall and decreases with the onset of winter. Lund highlights the passage of Corona as a potential solution, where infection is generally higher in densely populated cities.