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Warsaw: The ceiling in the shopping mall has come down.  Dozens of people were evacuated

Warsaw: The ceiling in the shopping mall has come down. Dozens of people were evacuated

The event took place at a mall in Ul. Korkhevska 218 in the Femo district of Warsaw. This is the first report on the portal. This was confirmed in an interview with Onett by firefighters.

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– The suspended ceiling of the parking lot in the hall of the shopping mall was broken. We received information about its destruction from one of the customers on August 12. This ceiling plays a decorative role, so there is no damage to the structure of the roof. However, this will still be verified – Michael Wichrovsky, of the municipal headquarters of the State Fire Service in Warsaw, tells Onet.

– Fortunately, the ceiling did not fall to the ground when there were people. About 50 people were evacuated. The broken area of ​​கூ அளவு the roof is about 100 square meters – adds Mikhail Wichrowski.

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However, the installation can collapse at any time, which is why the facility is closed. First, three firefighters were sent to the scene, including a special search and rescue team. Then came a few more cars.

Action is being taken to protect the structure. Experts will also assess whether there is a risk of the ceiling of the hall collapsing. For now, it is unknown how long this will take and when the facility will reopen.

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