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Was Harry’s book embellished, or did it not change after Elizabeth II’s death? Meghan Markle’s friend reveals everything – the world

A little less than two months before the release of the memoirs Prince HarrySpeer, talk began to escalate about the details the Duke of Sussex would include in the work.

Meghan Markle’s friend Omid Scobie has decided to provide more information about the long-awaited book through his column in Yahoo News. royal expert He explained that there had been no changes since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as the manuscript had been completed five months earlier.

Moreover, Harry himself chose the title of the book, which in Portuguese means something like “alternative”: “It shouldn’t come as a big surprise. It’s a solid choice, but for word that followed the prince like a shadow, being the surrogate was one of the most defining aspects of his royal existence.‘, he confirmed.

“And among those who have already seen the manuscript, Harry’s journey as a surrogate, and the decision to change his destiny and start a new life, are important parts of the book. (…) This work also tells a life story that will resonate with its readers in a surprising way.”

Finally, he noted that there is a strong possibility that there will be a negative reaction from the royal family, for which he is prepared: “No matter how careful Harry is about sharing parts of his history that include others, there is a very real danger of an active backlash on the part of the establishment. and family. Palace officials recently told me of the “real fear” that exists among senior members of the royal family that this book will cause irreversible damage to reputations and relationships.‘, he finished.

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