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Watch a video of an Australian soldier driving a robotic dog with his brain

Watch a video of an Australian soldier driving a robotic dog with his brain

Technology is everywhere and the army does not stop inventing innovations to fight and protect the homeland.

The Australian Army is an example. This week, a video was released in which we get to see one of Ocean State’s latest creations: a mind-controlled robot dog.

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The new technology was developed by scientists at the University of Technology Sydney and is already being perfected. Considering that this first robotic dog can be controlled telepathically, it can be said that in the future, it is possible that we will have armies of robots in the earthly business that are driven by humans in this way.

Currently, the invention is being used on simulated patrol, as can be seen in the video above. The Australian Armed Forces defines its creation as “the use of brain signals to control automated and autonomous systems.”

To control the robotic dog, the soldier uses a modified HoloLens 2 (see video above). With the device, the user imagines a kind of panels formed by flashing white squares.

When the operator focuses on one of these spaces, a biosensor in the headset reads the signals emitted from his visual cortex and sends them to an AI decoder, which then relays the signals to the robot, so that it understands the command.

In this way, soldiers can have another weapon in combat, in addition to their weapons at hand.

First impressions of technology

Sergeant Damien Robinson of the 5th Combat Service Support Battalion stated that “The whole process is not hard to master. It is very intuitive, taking only a few sessions.”

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Robinson also said, “You don’t need to think about anything specific to get the robot to work, but you do need to focus on blinking. [dos quadrados brancos]. It’s more a matter of visual focus.”

with information from Australian Air Force

Featured image: Disclosure/Youtube

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