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Watch out, flamingo!  It's not science's fault

Watch out, flamingo! It's not science's fault

Science has nothing to do with this, let alone it's new to football.

In 1992, São Paulo won its first Libertadores championship after extensive tests to determine the aerobic thresholds of its athletes. Cafu, phenomenon, had a speed of 13 km/h, taught by Morassi Santana and Toribio Leite de Barros, from the Scientific Department of Tricolor.

Tests conducted in oxygen tunnels proved that the ballinha would perform well at high altitudes. Macedo, not so much. In Oruro, Sao Paulo won 3 x 0, with three goals scored by Palenha.

Ten days ago, in Criciuma, Tele Santana chose the reserves and beat Criciuma 3 x 0. The calendar, with the Copa Libertadores debut in the south of the country, on Friday, followed by the classic match, on Sunday, forced this decision. Sao Paulo beat Palmeiras 4-0 two days after Criciuma's hat-trick.

Unfortunately, Tilly was in danger of being sent off after recording five straight defeats, before winning in Oruro, supported by oxygen tests.

The flag does not harm the Flamengo tradition. On April 8, 1983, on the morning of the Bolívar 3 x 1 Flamengo match, an article in the newspaper O Globo stated: “Only this afternoon, after feeling the reaction of the players to the height of La Paz, will Carlinhos announce the line-up.” “For the match against Bolivar… at least four changes can be made.”

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