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Watch out Lourenco!  Bruno Cabrizo, 'ex' Kelly Bailey, about to return to Portugal - Nacional

Watch out Lourenco! Bruno Cabrizo, ‘ex’ Kelly Bailey, about to return to Portugal – Nacional

As revealed countless times, 41-year-old Bruno Cabrrezo has been craving an invitation to go back to work in Portugal, and it looks like she did!

According to ‘Nova Gente’ magazine, the actor who recently lost his exclusive contract with Globo, He is preparing to return to Portuguese soil to join the crew of the second season of ‘Amor Amor’., where he will wear Nelson leather, a Brazilian producer.

Bruno Cabrrezo’s wish has come true, but it could be a huge inconvenience to Lourenco Ortegao. Recently, the Portuguese actor terminated his contract with TVI, claiming that he is focused on betting on an international career.

This is the dream of an actor who has the unconditional support of Kelly Bailey. “I’m more than willing to see him fly, because I think he deserves a lot. He’s been here for many years doing soap operas – there’s nothing wrong with that – which has made him grow a lot, but he’s at a point where he needs to go to another area and get that recognition is fair.” … all of a sudden these directors come from abroad and I think it’s very good and worth it.”

The arrival in Portugal of Bruno Cabrrezo, Kelly Bailey’s ex-boyfriend coincides exactly with a phase when Lourenço may be even more absent.

Recently, in an interview with TV Guia, the Brazilian actor talked about his relationship with Lourenço’s current girlfriend. “I am in love with Kelly and always will because she has been a part of my life. But it is going. It’s a page turning for me, her and everyone else. I’m fine. I’m dating, I’m happy and so is she… We had a relationship and she dated. It ended there.”

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