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Watch the sun spew a jet of plasma in this 4K video

Watch the sun spew a jet of plasma in this 4K video

The images show an impressive eruption of high-temperature gas on the Sun, causing a coronal mass ejection (or CME).expulsion of the labial mass). Basically, a large jet of pThe magnetic field of the plasma and the sun was fired aimlessly into space.

Recorded by astrophotographer Miguel Claro, from the Dark Sky Alquiva Observatory, Portugal, in August.

It’s a snapshot of just over a minute, and aggregates a series of 329 photos, each consisting of a “stack” of the top 200 photos. Tires From each raw video, it was taken for about two hours. This processing generated a file Movie 4K high resolution, with rich details.


According to Miguel Claro, conditions were not ideal: when he decided to set a record in the late afternoon, the sun was very low and there was a thin layer of dust coming from Africa. Also, the temperature was very high, at around 38°C.

But that’s exactly what made the video even more awesome. In the images, which were taken between 17:37 and 18:00 (local time), it is possible to follow the motion of the CME transforming itself into solar plasma. The contrast increases as the sun falls below the horizon, passing through the layer of dust, helping to diffuse its glare.

The astrophotographer used specific equipment to capture the celestial bodies, including the refractory Sky Watcher Esprit 120ED telescope, equipped with the Daystar Qhark Chrosmophere filter, and the Player One Apollo-M Max solar camera.

In one publication, he warns: “Never point optical equipment at the sun without adequate, specialized filters that allow for safe observation.”

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