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Waze now alerts you on roads with a history of accidents

Waze now alerts you on roads with a history of accidents

The navigation app Waze has begun distributing a new option called “crash history,” or accident history in a liberal translation of the expression. It’s already on its way to both platforms with updated Android and iOS apps.

The alerts aim to make drivers aware when they are traveling on a road or lane that is particularly vulnerable to traffic accidents, as the name of the feature indicates. The basis of this alert will be community reports as well as other data.

The update brings us the incident log function

Waze itself announced the feature, explaining that it relies on artificial intelligence (AI), as well as community reporting. In addition, it uses data and reports with the history of each route to help generate alert notifications in each case.

Thus, this is a new function that focuses on maintaining the safety and integrity of drivers, and is an incentive for them to be more attentive to the road in question, especially when it has a non-recommended history.

According to the company itself, in Publishing Created on your blog, the function gives us a notification when this path has a history of issues. When there are consistent reports of accidents occurring on this section of road, hence, it is necessary to drive with extra caution.

A Waze warning will appear before we reach the problematic road section


The app maintains a simple interface with this simple warning appearing at the bottom of your app. It will serve as a brief warning, alerting the driver to the fact that he or she is about to enter and travel on a road with a history of road accidents.

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To ensure the accuracy of these alerts, Google’s technology company claims to use several sources for this purpose. First, we have AI help, followed by reports from the community, as well as historically recorded event instances.

It’s all on its way to the app for Android and iOS, with updates already distributed through the respective Google Play Store and App Store. In short, it is a small addition that can contribute a lot to improving road safety.

In practice, this will not change the regular functioning of the navigation application in any way, but this new alert will be added to the driver.

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