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Waze will display the history of road accidents

Waze will display the history of road accidents

Hey Wiz There is something new. from now on, to request The Google-owned navigation system has accident history alerts. The app sends notifications when you are in accident-prone places. The feature is based on community reporting and AI analysis.

In practice, Waze will post a text message saying “crash history” before a driver approaches a dangerous location that already has high accident rates. In this way, Waze understands that with an alert, the driver can double his attention and make decisions. Among them, reducing speed or even avoiding the road, for example.

Waze gains new functionality (Apple/Disclosure)

Used by thousands of people around the world, Waze, created in 2008 by startup Waze Mobile, has the function of showing the user the best route to any destination. The app works like a GPS, except that in addition to the route itself, it displays information about routes, routes, tolls, police checkpoints, radars and other points of interest.

To achieve this, in principle, Waze relies on the functioning of the Internet and, therefore, updates routes in real time. The application undergoes continuous updates with the aim of providing drivers with greater safety and ease when navigating.

In addition to the new function of alerting about accident-prone areas, Waze also ensures that drivers have faster and more hassle-free routes. However, it is a good idea to remain vigilant, because the app does avoid some areas that the driver does not want or cannot pass through. Not to mention that sometimes, the app takes a more difficult route in order to save a few minutes. Therefore, it is always useful to check the path options on the home page.

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