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WB Games talk about co-op and night tournaments

WB Games talk about co-op and night tournaments

WB Games released a new gameplay video Gotham Knights in channels IGN. This time around, the developers talked about what the title’s night cycle would look like and provided details about the title’s co-op mode.

Of course, the guards will be able to see the light of day during the sessions, but crimes only happen on the streets when the sun goes down. This way, players will have the morning to plan their next steps and gather at the base, and at night, they’ll be back to fight the bad guys.

To provide a more tense atmosphere, when they go out to protect the citizens and one of the title’s villains is at large, the Gotham Knights’ open world will react differently, leaving a trail of how they intend to sabotage the city’s security. Countering these threats is optional, you can keep exploring if you want to.

Speaking of exploration, be prepared to face constant threats as you play. Crimes will be procedurally generated night after night, which means Gotham won’t be completely safe, making the heroes more work.

Gotham Knights co-op mode

Playing a Gotham Knights multiplayer session will bring many benefits, both to the party owner and to the guest. The progress of the party creator’s narration will be taken into account, but when the session ends, anything that has been unlocked by your guard will be preserved.

This way, when you play part of the title within your campaign and you’ve already done so with a friend, the game will give you the option to skip some parts. So you have to choose whether you want to venture into the same event again or not.

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Gotham Knights will be launched against PS5and Xbox Series and PC on October 21.