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“We are trying to make Benfica dominate in Portugal.”

“We are trying to make Benfica dominate in Portugal.”



Invited to participate in a UEFA report, included in the UEFA Champions League magazine, on Benfica’s competitiveness in Portugal, Jorge Jesus admitted that the club is currently working on (re)achieving dominance in the country’s domestic competitions, marking the team’s strength. .

“We’re trying to get Benfica back to being that great team that dominates football in Portugal. At the start of the season, we built that strength. It’s not easy for Benfica to be stopped offensively and it’s not easy. To concede goals little by little. Benfica. He’s getting stronger,” said the Eagles coach.

When asked about the extent of Benfica’s reach in Portugal, Jesus described the club as having “a very large identity in Portuguese society, socially and politically”, due to the “sports and social history” that began in 1094.

In the same interview with UEFA, the expert Benfica coach, in charge for the second time in his career, defended that Luz’s motto should “know how to follow the ‘same identity’ in sporting terms”.

Also invited, former player, captain and current technical director incarnate, Luisao, noted in the Champions League magazine that affection towards Clube da Luz is the main fuel for her sporting and social growth.

“What makes Benfica grow is the passion and mystery with which people live the club,” said Luisao, emphasizing that the embodied “culture, identity and values” transcend social cognition. “They go further than people can imagine,” he said.

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