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We can now compare the Corona virus to influenza - VG

We can now compare the Corona virus to influenza – VG

NIPH: Assistant Administrator and Director of Vaccines other than Bockholm.

After a year and a half with the state of emergency, Norway is moving to a new paradigm where the coronavirus is no longer more dangerous than other respiratory infections.


We are now at a new stage where we must look at the coronavirus as one of several respiratory diseases of seasonal variation, says Assistant Director Non-Bockholm at FHI to VG.

This is because the vast majority of those at risk are protected. And although infections continue to spread, the number of hospitalizations remains low. Thus, the Corona virus will not bring a heavy burden to the health service. For those who have been vaccinated and who may become infected and develop symptoms, the vast majority will have mild, cold-like symptoms.

Thus, the Corona virus joins the ranks of other respiratory diseases such as colds and seasonal flu.

This means that the Corona virus can now be specifically compared to seasonal influenza and RS infections.

austerity epidemic

– #detvardenpandemic?

– No, that certainly does not mean. The epidemic is not over as long as it exists in the world and in countries where vaccine coverage remains low. As long as the disease spreads outside the territory of rich countries, there will still be a pandemic.

Is the epidemic over then?

– No, I don’t want to say that. But this is due to a rescue torch in Norway and in many countries with good vaccine coverage.

Of the population over 18 years of age, 90 percent received the first dose and 83 percent were fully vaccinated.

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Denmark opened the country too full A little over a week ago. Danish Professor Soren Reis Paludan highlighted one important thing for VG, which he believes made Danes able to adapt to the new everyday life.: They quit over the course of several months To focus on infection rates.

With a few exceptions, they focus on hospitalization and vaccinations, not on infections, he says.

Bucolm agrees, his boss Camilla Stoltenberg previously told VG they’re here too Focus should be less on infection rates Instead focus on acceptance.

– He reached the top

Bocolm also doesn’t think hospitals will be overburdened with Covid patients, but may face a combination of coronavirus, RS and influenza this winter.

– I think we made it to the top this time. Then I think we can have a winter wave coming later. But we don’t think it will be more than the health service can handle.

What can go wrong in the next few weeks for infections to rise?

– That people don’t follow the usual hygiene rules and don’t stay home when you are sick, he adds that seasonal effect in winter and new varieties can also play a role.