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“We cannot be afraid of failure”

“We cannot be afraid of failure”

By playing different roles, Julia Balha emphasized her diversity. Currently, the Portuguese houses are featured in the SIC TV series “Senhora do mar” and can also be seen in the feature film “I love you enormous” which premiered this week in cinemas, with characters that cannot be compared in any way.

In the TV project, the actress plays the role of Maria, a “combat supergirl,” which she fills to perfection. “I always like to play these stronger roles, with some drama to explore,” he shares in a chat with JN, from the Azores, where much of the story unfolds. In contrast, Tessa, the young woman who plays a role in the big-screen romantic comedy, “is a very comedic and fun character.”

On July 18, Julia will appear as Laura in “It Could Wait for August,” the film directed by César Mourão, who also plays the assistant who will fall in love with his character. It's another autobiographical comedy, although the heroine admits that she feels “more comfortable” in dramatic situations, mainly because she has experienced them more often.

“Comedy is a little outside my comfort zone, but I think that after experiences like 'Vale tudo', for example, I really freed myself from the fear of ridicule, the fear of shame, which is a very important thing in the life of an actor,” he admits. Acting challenges do not frighten Julia. That's because, “especially in this field, we can't be afraid to fail, otherwise we wouldn't do things differently and better. We have to take risks, like any job,” he adds.

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