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- We definitely need help - VG

– We definitely need help – VG

Different interpretations: There is still uncertainty about the motive behind the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise. Photo: Andres Martinez Casares / X03701

The assassination of President Jovenel Moise had dire consequences for Haiti. The government asked for help from the United States and the United Nations, and Haitian experts told VG that there was a shooting between various gangs and the police.


We are in dire need of help, and we have asked our international partners for help, says Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph AP.

– What shall we do? Should we let the country end in chaos? Let the property be destroyed? Dead after the assassination of the president? We are not asking to occupy the country. We ask for a little strength that can help us, and as long as we are weak, we need help from our neighbors.

The country’s election minister, Matthias Peier, said this when he and others in the government this weekend asked the United States and the United Nations to help protect critical infrastructure.

Haiti was dealt a severe blow last week after President Jovenel Moise was shot and killed in his private apartment.

First Lady Martin Moyes was also badly injured in the fatal attack. On Saturday, the temporary good news came: – I’m alive, thank GodShe said in a social media post.

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Unexpected: Johan Hendahl, of the Norwegian Church Aid Organization, believes the murder of President Jovenel Moise is unpredictable. Photo: Harvard Byland, Norwegian Church Aide

unknown motive

– Thousands of people have already been displaced from the capital, Port-au-Prince, due to violence in poor areas. There is shooting between different gangs and between gangs and the police, says Haitian expert Johann Hendal in Norwegian Church Aid for VG.

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The country has been in turmoil since 2018, but it escalated further after the murder:

“We have witnessed a tense situation in the country with a deep conflict between him and the opposition that has led to an increase in unrest,” he said, referring to the late president.

Haitian authorities now suspect that 28 people may have been behind the deadly attack. So far, only 20 of them have been arrested. According to CNN, there are still five suspects At large, three of them were killed.

Of the 28 people accused of the attack, 26 are said to be former Colombian soldiers, while the police have identified the remaining two as US agents.

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Watching: Haitian soldiers stand guard after the attempted assassination of President Jovenel Moise earlier this week. Photo: Joseph Odelyn / AP

Skeptical of police theory

Watchman He points out that there are many who are skeptical of the police theory.

The allegations and theories, at odds with original police theories, have largely originated from opposition politicians and local media – without ever having been able to be tested.

Scene investigations: Haitian police investigators at work outside Moise’s home. Foto: Jean Marc Herve Abelard / EFE

Centrist opposition politician Stephen Benoit told a radio station that Moyes was “killed by his guards, not by Colombians”. These allegations have not been documented.

Media reports, based on anonymous sources, also claimed that “the Colombian crew was called to protect the former head of state after repeated threats against him.”

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Colombian newspaper time scriber They arrived in Haiti at 2.30 that same night, just over an hour after the president’s assassination.

– Impossible to decide

Hindal was last in Haiti in May 2019. He has insight into local conditions through communication with colleagues and other people present in the country. He says residents fear what will happen in the future and are actively seeking an explanation.

Although there is a lot of speculation about the murder – it is believed that it is difficult to make a decision about it:

I ask private questions about why this is happening now. Moyes himself refused to resign, but now the end of his presidency is approaching.

College lecturer Jürgen Sorley Yerey at Ostfold University College is also uncertain.

– I have tried to be wise in this matter, but it is difficult to come up with a clear answer. Those behind the attack likely have significant resources. I highly doubt that they could be Haitian protesters or others in the middle class.

On Monday night, it became known that the US Department of Defense was sending security and legal experts to Haiti, NTB writes.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News Sunday that the group is primarily made up of employees from the US Department of Security and the FBI.

Kirby said in his interview Reuters.

The United States has so far refused the request of the interim Haitian government to send military forces.