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“We have already gathered a base of potential donors.”

“We have already gathered a base of potential donors.”

Pedro Chagas Freitasa well-known author of many books, goes through more difficult In the personal sphere. Benjamin, son, He was diagnosed with a rare and chronic disease. He currently needs a liver transplant.

Now that we live with him in the darkest moment a father or mother can experience, this certainty is even greater. cheer him up“, the writer even asked in a post in which he brought up this need to search for compatible donors.

On Instagram, Pedro Chagas Freitas continues to keep his thousands of followers updated on the child's clinical condition, and takes the opportunity to thank Kindness that has been received.

This Thursday, June 6, the writer shared a new position: “Your love gives us hope. (…) We have already gathered an excellent base of potential donors“, he began to mention.

Now it's time to choose the best option. Let us believe that the amazing team at Pediátrico de Coimbra will find the answer we are desperately searching forHe continued, and asked his followers not to contact the health unit directly.

Finally, the author went on to ask for words of encouragement: “Sometimes we need words to bring us back from tears“, I took on the.

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