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Lekkoatletyczne mistrzostwa Europy 2028 odbędą się na Stadionie Śląskim w Chorzowie. List intencyjny w tej sprawie został podpisany podczas trwających tam drużynowych ME.

We have it! Athlete ME 2028 will be held in Sorso

The 2028 European Athletics Championships will be held at the Silesian Stadium in Sorzo. The letter of intent in this regard was signed during the ongoing team European Championship.

This is the first step in organizing Euro 2028. We will sign the remaining documents by the end of June. The 2027 European Team Championship will be held in Sorso as a “test event” – European Athletics (EA) Executive Chairman Topromir Karamarinov said while signing the letter of intent with regional officials and the PJLA.

He praised the organization of the team matches held at the Silesian Stadium. Due to infection controls, in November they were transferred from Minsk, Belarus to Sorzo.

We responded quickly to this difficult situation and it was a great decision – He pointed out.

Jacob Chestovsky of Marshall Silesia of Wyotoship recalled that the regional team lost to Rome in the competition for the Euro 2024 organization.

Our application was highly rated. We know that our budget is slightly smaller than the Italian bank, but this is natural because the potential of Rome was huge. The host selection process is very long. The European Union did not want to resign from our candidacy, for the first time in history decided to step down and offer two events simultaneously (2024, 2028). – Marshall explained to BAP.

He noted Silesia won the trust of the EA by organizing the current DME. The competition in Sorso takes place under a strict health regime. By noon Sunday, 4.5 thousand Govt tests had been performed on the players, all of which were negative.

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I think everyone is committed to the quality of what we do here in Silesia, so the appointment. I am glad we have two events (2027 and 2028)). We fought hard for ME 2024 and we had to wipe away our tears and move forward. We did not give up, saying that this was a good offer. – Added Chestovsky.

I touched it because it has changed Dreams come true if they are pursued. First, we achieved great game results, and now the organizational level is in line with them. In Silesia, we work with professionals who are spiritually involved in athletics – Said Henrik Olszewski, President of the PZLA.