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‘We Live in a Time of Buddhas’: Garuta Nao’s Speech at SIC Golden Globes Goes Viral – Music

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A Garota Não won the SIC Golden Globe for Best Performance. The TV channel awards were presented on Sunday, October 1 at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon.

Immediately after receiving the award, the artist gave a poetic speech, which quickly spread on social media.

“I’m from April 2, which is a dirty neighborhood in Setubal. Just wait a little while until the end,” the artist asked the maestro.

The singer said in her speech: “There are those who are very lucky. Luck, for me, gave me a lot of work.”

Read the letter:

“We live in a time of Buddha statues, plastic flowers and gold chests of drawers
We laughed a lot at the loud music coming from the stands
We live in a time of kombucha, training, soft skills, and gratitude
Let’s find out how to thank the banks for the interest they charge us on housing
We are living in the busiest time ever
Goals, objectives, “even if I get robbed”
There’s no effort that’s not worth it, we’ll all be LOFT, TAP
We live in a time of absolute majorities, power, leadership, and meritocracy
Is merit measured by teeth, school grades, or mob scores?
Thank you for this opportunity, a Golden Globe in the hands of such a flawed being
There are those who are very lucky
“Lucky for me gave me a lot of work.”

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