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- We show passports but they don't care - VG

– We show passports but they don’t care – VG

Desperate crowds continue to pile up around the Kabul airport, surrounded by armed Taliban soldiers. This situation makes it difficult for Norwegian citizens to exit the country.


A week has passed since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. However, the dust outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport did not appear to have dissipated immediately.

On Sunday morning, there were still about 20,000 people huddled in and outside the airport at 34 degrees, he said CNN.

Sky News Reporter Stuart Ramsey claims to have seen people crushed to death on the walls of crowds wanting to flee the country. AP Seven people were reported to have been run over to death during Sunday.

An anonymous NATO source tells us Reuters At least 20 people lost their lives at the airport last week. The news agency also quoted eyewitnesses that some of them died of gunshot wounds.

Several Norwegian citizens in Afghanistan told VG that the chaos makes it impossible to get inside the walls, and thus get out of the country.

– Now you’re at the airport again. There are no chances to get in, says one of them, a guy in his twenties, to VG.

He, like the other VG he’s been in contact with, wants to be anonymous for his own safety.

Outside the airport, you’re not safe. The man says the Taliban are everywhere and no one is allowed in, adding that he tried almost every day.

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Another Norwegian, who usually studies at Molde University College, tells VG that the guards outside the airport do not differentiate between those who have valid travel documents and who are not.

– We show our passports but they don’t care. They say the doors are closed.

For its part, the armed rebel group blames the United States for the chaos:

– America, with all its might and might, did not succeed in creating peace and order at the airport. Taliban leader Amir Khan Muttaki said in a statement that there is peace and calm elsewhere in the country and chaos only at Kabul airport, according to NTB.

– Shoot two shots

Samira told VG that she didn’t even cross a Taliban checkpoint when she tried to get to the airport. One of the guards was said to have been instigated when she argued to show her passport.

Cursing and swinging his weapon. Then suddenly he fired two bullets right next to my ear, says Samira, a Norwegian national.

VG previously wrote about how to do it The 16-year-old and his mother are stranded in Kabul, They are worried that soldiers will come to their homes and “rip their passports”.

– I was so afraid, and told my mother that we had to go home again, she says.

The 16-year-old is asking for help from the Norwegian authorities so that she can bypass the roadblocks and reach Hamid Karzai:

– I was shocked because the Norwegian Embassy and the government told us that they had staff inside, and that it was our responsibility to get us in.

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How do we get there if only the Taliban are guarding the airport? She asks.

There is no guarantee that we will get everyone out

Foreign Minister In Eriksen Soered Male on Friday That the security situation at Kabul airport has deteriorated during the week, and they do not have a system to deliver Norwegian citizens safely.

– There is no guarantee that we will get all Norwegians out in this evacuation, she said during a press conference.

Pictures from the first Norwegian plane that left Kabul on Thursday evening show that Most of the seats were empty.

“It’s a desperate situation, as there is no shortage of airline seats, but the challenge is getting our citizens into the airport to fill the planes,” said State Department Director of Communications Trud Mosaide in a written commentary.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this Sunday morning A new plane has landed from Kabul in Gardermoen, And that all Afghan employees of the Norwegian Embassy have been evacuated.

No guarantees: Foreign Minister In Eriksen Soered has repeatedly warned of the deteriorating security situation outside the airport in Kabul, and said she could not guarantee that Norwegians would be allowed to return home.

The State Department told VG on Sunday evening that the situation remained the same, and that they were aware that the Taliban control most of the area outside the airport.

– We are in contact with those who have registered that they want to leave the country, working around the clock, says Måseide.

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On Friday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that about 200 Norwegian citizens in Afghanistan have registered on the travel pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Måseide says they cannot comment on the number of those evacuees.

There may be several behind each recording. So the number is not a decision on how many people want help with travel, she said.