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“We think by the third we already know a lot, but every child is unique.”

“We think by the third we already know a lot, but every child is unique.”

“wOh, has it been a month? What do you mean he is no longer a newborn? ”

“It was 30 days of pure love. Hours passed by. Many sleepless nights but always with a smile on my face, even in the dark, even when it was hard to open my eyes.”Tarka added a new message about motherhood.

“We think by the third trimester we already know a lot, but every baby is unique. I remember Mel simply not sleeping during the day and walking in a sling with me all the time. Antonio sleeps more during the day than he does at night and I didn’t use a sling, I’m not sure.” Who is the reason… Perhaps because I am in no hurry to do anything, perhaps because I assumed that these months I would devote myself to him. So we spend hours endlessly flirting, looking at each other, and sometimes falling asleep between plucking hair, laughing and changing diapers,” he said.

“Every day there is something new, a smile, a look, a different noise, every day the features change a bit and some clothes no longer fit. I want to ask you not to grow up so fast but it is not possible, I will just enjoy every second.”completed.

It should be remembered that Antonio is the result of the actress’ relationship with Gustavo Santos. Mafalda Rodiles is also the mother of Mel and Martim, since her marriage to Brazilian soap opera director Edgar Miranda. In turn, Gustavo Santos is also the father of two sons, Xavier and Salvador, and ended as a result of the relationship with Sofia Lima.

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