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We want Donald Trump to wait to announce a new presidential campaign - VG

We want Donald Trump to wait to announce a new presidential campaign – VG

FORMER PRESIDENT: Donald Trump is pictured at Mar-a-Lago Election Night, Tuesday this week.

Donald Trump has promised a “very important announcement” next week. Now it is said that many of his closest advisers have asked him to wait.


In television interviews, at election meetings and in emails from his organization, the former president in recent days has gone as far as he can say he will run again as a presidential candidate in 2024, without actually saying it.

He invited the media and others to his home, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida on Tuesday, November 15. There is the promise of a “very huge announcement”.

Nobody believes anything other than that he intends to tell the world that he will try to become President of the United States again.

But write now Washington Post That many think he should wait, after the big Republican victory that was expected in this week’s midterm elections Turned into more ripples than a wave of wavesThis pushed the “Trump candidates” to political office.

Fair enough, everything indicates that the Republicans will get a majority in the House, but it will be a much smaller majority than expected. At the same time, it is quite clear whether they will succeed in taking the majority in the Senate from the Democrats.

It likely won’t be decided until December 6, when Raphael Warnock (Dim) and Herschel Walker (R) go in for a second game in Georgia.

– Now it’s all about Herschel. I’d recommend[Trump Daily]wait until after the game, says Jason Miller, who has been an advisor to Donald Trump, and sometimes a spokesman for him.

He adds:

I am not alone when I say that the smartest move by President Trump right now is to use all his power to elect Herschel Walker.

Norwegian-American expert Eric Locke disagrees Thursday VG warned that Trump could do more harm than good Locker and Republicans if he participated in the Georgia elections.

No one attracts Democrats more voters than Trump, Locke said.

Re-fight in December: Current Senator Raphael Warnock (left) and contender Herschel Walker (third) must go to a second election round before the winner is chosen.

– Why should something change?

According to the Washington Post, Trump consulted several of his advisers about whether he should stick to the plan, or whether he should delay the announcement.

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Miller told the newspaper he is not aware of anyone in Trump’s inner circle who thinks he should stick to his plan to announce his candidacy next week. Five different advisers, who asked not to be identified but who will all be in regular contact with Trump, said they hope he waits until after the rematch in Georgia.

So far, the former president has not made a final decision, according to one of the newspaper’s sources. Miller confirms the same. He says decision will come soon. Trump’s spokesman did not respond to Washington Post questions about the issue.

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, he said however that nothing has changed after the election.

– We’ve had tremendous success. Why should anything change? He asked rhetorically.

Unlike many expertsincluding from Trump’s own party, so he believes that the election was a success for him even for the party.

He wanted to announce before the elections

to me Newspaper Trump was so eager to announce his candidacy that he wanted to do so as early as Monday, the day before the midterm elections. He is said to have been blocked by many powerful figures in the Republican Party, who were concerned that this might distract attention from the candidates who came forward in the election the next day.

They are said to have told Trump that he himself would benefit more from waiting, because he would get less attention when all the media is busy covering the impetus for the election than he did the following week. The former president must have heard this argument.

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It remains to be seen whether he will listen to calls to delay his declaration any further, but in any case he no longer has the opportunity to benefit from run-off elections in several more important elections, as his “candidate” was a representative of the party. . Many of these have been lost, or are in danger of losing.