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Weather.  According to Greta Tunberg, COP26 was a "failure" and a "celebration of the plague".

Weather. According to Greta Tunberg, COP26 was a “failure” and a “celebration of the plague”.

Greta Dunberg did not cut any words. COP26, the face of the youth climate movement this Friday, described an important climate summit as a “failure”. Sweden spoke to thousands of young people who came to protest in Glasgow, the Scottish city where the conference is currently taking place, calling for action against climate change that threatens their generation and the following.

Greta Dunberg denounced a COP26, which, according to her, was “business as usual” and a celebration of Blah Blah. “Our leaders have not shown the way, the leadership is like this,” he continued, pointing to the crowd. “Our kings are naked (…) history will judge them harshly”, he finally slammed the leaders who had gathered for the COP, accusing them of being inactive once again and provoking the “Green Laundry Festival” again.

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The second day of protests is scheduled for Saturday in Glasgow, at the end of the first two weeks of COP26, in the face of the catastrophic effects of rising temperatures across the planet due to greenhouse gas emissions. Created by human activities.

Report written by 400 young people

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, millions of young people around the world took to the streets in 2019 to call on their leaders to act faster and stronger against global warming. These weekly Friday demonstrations, interrupted by the Govt-19 epidemic, have resumed for a few weeks, yet shocking formulas can be seen on banners led by their Scandinavian muse.

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In October, Italian Environment Minister Roberto Cingolani and COP26 leader Alok Sharma pledged to send to Glasgow, where 400 young people from around the world gathered in Milan under the auspices of the United Nations: about fifty pages of energy change, funding or citizen participation.

The 2015 Paris Agreement aims to control global warming below + 2 ° C and, if possible, to + 1.5 ° C, avoiding the devastating effects of climate change that is already wreaking havoc across the country. One tenth of every extra degree has its share of consequences. But, according to the latest UN estimates, the world is heading for a “catastrophic” global warming of + 2.7 C.