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Weather: – Hottest day ever

Weather: – Hottest day ever

Temperatures in several places around the world are expected to be much higher than normal. Madrid is now facing its hottest day ever.

The temperature expected to be reached on Tuesday is a record high of 43.4 degrees, according to the Global Forecast System (GFS).

That would surpass the current record of 42.7 degrees set on August 14, 2021, according to data from Spain’s state weather service Agencia Estatal de Meteorología.

He writes bloomberg who mentioned it for the first time.

hot recording

The meteorologist on duty, Magnus Oveheid, told Dagbladet that it is Spain, above all the countries in southern Europe, that is experiencing a real heat wave.

Warnings of abnormally high temperatures have been issued in Spain. Ofehide says the temperature this week will be between 42 and 43 degrees.

Much higher than normal

Meteorologists wrote on Twitter that the temperature could reach more than 35 degrees in several places in the world.

– In some places, summer temperatures are not abnormal, like in the Middle East. In Spain, Northwest Africa, Kazakhstan, the USA and Canada, on the other hand, temperatures are much higher than normal, he wrote on Twitter.

The sweltering heat in West Africa, especially Tunisia, sends hot air into southern Spain, Ofehide explains to Dagbladet.

– It’s about 48-50 degrees in Tunisia, and this warm air is heading towards the south of Spain. So they will have a real heat wave on Tuesday, and then the temperature will drop, he continues.

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