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Well-known Dutch crime journalist shot in the street - VG

Well-known Dutch crime journalist shot in the street – VG

Competent Journalist: Peter R. de Vries during the trial against Willem Holder in January 2019, where he testified. Photo: Olaf Krak/ANP

Dutch criminal journalist Peter R. Award-winning de Vries, 64, on a street in Amsterdam on Tuesday night.


This was confirmed by Dutch police on Twitter at 21.11 on Tuesday evening. The police wrote that his condition is very serious.

A suspect has been arrested in the case, several sources have reported to the Dutch newspaper Het Parol. The police have not yet been able to say anything about the motive, the suspected perpetrator or the reason for the shooting.

The shooting is said to have taken place around 7.30pm on Tuesday. It is said that many witnessed the accident.

– We have received several letters from eyewitnesses, says a police spokesperson To Allgemeine Dagblad.

We are looking for witnesses with photos of the accident and the possible perpetrator. Do not share these photos on social media, the police write on Twitter.

Watch: I heard five shots

Algemeen Dagblad spoke to an eyewitness who said she heard five shots and saw him lying on the ground.

A neighbor told the newspaper that she was sitting in a cafe on the same street when she heard a loud bang.

It lasted four or five times. She says at first I thought it was fireworks.

It was previously reported that a search was underway for the culprit. The crime scene was cordoned off. The perpetrator described the suspect as small and skinny. He is said to have been wearing a green camouflage jacket and a black hat.

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TV show RTL Boulevard was taped to the title and de Vries was a guest on the show Tuesday night to talk about a Dutch murder case from 2019, according to Algemeen Dagblad.

A slap in the face to the press

De Vries is a famous Dutch crime and excavation journalist. He had his own crime program that set records for viewers in the Netherlands. De Vries is married and has two children.

– That’s what one hopes will not happen, the eminent general secretary of the Dutch Press Association Thomas Bruening told Algemeen Dagblad.

– Of course we have to wait for the link here, but the attack took place outside the doors of RTL Boulevard. Anyway, this is a slap in the face for the press. Let’s hope and pray for his health, says Browning.

Several politicians in the Dutch House of Representatives responded. Geert Wilders is among those who mentioned the shooting on Twitter. He writes “terrible”.