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Were young people from Poland and Ukraine promoted first?  Attorney's Office: "Red Viburnum" is not a crime

Were young people from Poland and Ukraine promoted first? Attorney’s Office: “Red Viburnum” is not a crime

This decision of the District Attorney’s Office in Hrubieszów was communicated to us by its chairman on Tuesday. – The decision to refuse to initiate proceedings in this case was issued on the ground that it did not contain elements of the prohibited law. We decided that no crime had been committed – says Magdalena Sopanska-Janik. He adds that in order to give such a conclusion to the lawyer assigned to the case, it is sufficient not only to read the record, but also to ask the participants in the making of the video.

Is it an expression of solidarity or promoting the flag?

Recall that the content recorded in the ZDK was released in early April, more than a month after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. “Red Kalina” was sung collectively by Polish and Ukrainian youth from Zamosk high schools. In the clip, the young men stood on a glowing stage in yellow and blue and performed the song. Described as an expression of “support and solidarity between the two countries” ZDK appeared on social media and was shared several times. On the YouTube channel alone, about 8,000 copies were played in a few days. Method. But according to members of the Society for the Remembrance of the Poles killed at Zamość in Volkhinia, he should not see daylight.

“Fame for Ukraine …”, the red and black colors, singing the UPA anthem, “If we allow glorification of primacy in Poland, it will not only restore the controversial burial of Ukrainians, it will be a step. Genocide (Verkrat’s burial case, Rotunda Zamojska), but set up monuments to Bandera and Shukhevich “- argued the Wolverines in their online, highly emotional post a month ago.

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They called the actions taken by ZDK thoughtless and “deliberately provocative” and informed the prosecutor’s office of the possibility of committing a crime under section 256 of the Criminal Code, including “public promotion of a fascist or other dictatorial state.” “.

The wave of hatred poured out

The ZDK director learned about the final case from us. – The lawyer’s office decision did not surprise me. From the beginning, I was convinced that there was nothing wrong with our post, which is definitely not a major advertisement – comments Janusz Nowosad also hides that he is happy with this, not any other solution.

– I only feel sorry for the children and young people who had good intentions because they found themselves in a situation where they were threatened and made bad accusations by the prosecutor’s office – he adds.

Novosat, however, confirms that he did not regret deleting the record from the Internet a few weeks ago. – I did not do it because I found them inappropriate, but to protect these children, their parents and our organization. Because, after what happened, believe that an unimaginable wave of hatred poured over us – explains the ZDK director.

Do not render “red viburnum.”

What do the Wolverines say? – I will not comment on the decision of the Attorney’s Office because I do not want to be nervous. To me, for many, “Red Viburnum” was the anthem of the UPA, and so be it – says Janus Bernach, president of the Jomosk Association.

He insists he knows the stories and written testimonies of many of the witnesses who have now sadly died, seeing with their own eyes what the bandits are doing and listening to what songs they sang when they went to kill the poles.

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That’s why the Wolverines aren’t going to let up. Recently, in the case of “Czerwona Kalina”, they wrote a letter to Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education, warning him about the incident of “forcing Polish children to sing the UPA anthem in Polish schools”. This did not happen in our region, but the signals are said to have reached Zamość near Poznań, Wrocław and Częstochowa. The Volhynians decided to intervene because such situations were unacceptable and very dangerous for them.

“Solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainian war refugees is about forgetting and reducing the Polish history of the genocide perpetrated by UON-UPA in Volkhinia, which is about the fate of Polish families and children on the eastern border of the Third Republic,” we read. Letter signed by Bernack.

– Ukrainians have many beautiful folk songs. Why did everyone insist on “Red Viburnum”? I do not know who is behind this – says the leader of Zamosk Volynik briefly.


“Red Viburnum” is a Ukrainian patriotic song written by Stephen Sarneki. This piece dates back to 1914, when during World War I it was the anthem of the Ukrainian Sikh Rifleman Force. Since then it has been performed frequently by the UPA, and some call it the Anthem of the Bondarites. “Red Viburnum” is known by many types. After the Russian occupation of Ukraine in February 2022, the song became very popular thanks to the performance of Andrej Chływniuk, the leader of the Boombox band. The record was noticed by South African musician Giffness, who created a remix of the song. This version has been viewed millions of times on YouTube. The content published by Chływniuk also inspired the musicians of Pink Floyd, who recorded instrumental parts for his voice. “Red Viburnum” was recently sung in public in several Polish cities during events expressing solidarity with the Ukrainians.

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